12 Days of Holistic Holidays: Day 4.

Did you add any new supplements to your routine? If not, sometimes getting some good ol’ sunshine can work health wonders, too! Try it!


Eat a meal before a holiday party + bring your favorite snack!

“But all the yummy things are at parties!” I know, I know… It’s true. I cannot deny that. However, the majority of the time, we all tend to go a little overboard at the snack table. #amiright?

Before you leave the house for your evening soireé, sit down and eat a real, balanced meal. This will stave off cravings, fight the munchies + reduce your chances of overindulging by a landslide.

Sure, you can still enjoy a nibble or two at your get-together, but at least this way you won’t completely derail your diet and go down the deep rabbit hole of caramel or peppermint goodness that lands in you an epic sugar coma.

Good news is, you can have more control in avoiding the junk if you bring your own dish to your party! That way, you can guarantee you have something there that you like + can enjoy without the guilt.

Need Ideas for Festive Healthy Holiday Treats? Check out these 50 grain-free + gluten-free desserts!

And they don’t just have to be sweet treats! You can make a favorite savory dish, too! I am just a former sweet tooth addict, so, that’s where my mind naturally goes. #guilty

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Check back tomorrow for more ideas on how you can stay healthy during the holiday season with DAY 5!