12 Days of Holistic Holidays: Day 9.

So after yesterday’s post, are you like me and noticed all the horrible blue lights strung around town? Eek. Good news is, you have control over yours!


Plank every day!

Ahh, planking. Does anyone remember that weird fad? That’s not the kinda a plank I’m talking about. I am sure you are thinking…”Well, that came out of left field.” I know, just hang with me for a sec.

Plank it out! Even if it’s only 10 seconds a day, and you work yourself up to 3 minutes a day, doing a daily plank will do more for you than build those six pack abs you are drooling over.

Daily planks will:

  • improve your core strength
  • build muscle definition
  • strengthen your back + protect your spine
  • improve your posture
  • improve balance + stability
  • build mental toughness

Do it every morning when you first hop out of bed, or set a timer for a mid-day plank sesh. You can plank on your forearms or on your hands, just try to keep your head in a neutral position + your core fully engaged. Think about pulling your belly button to your spine!

Ways to amp up your plank:

  • Roll forward on the tops of your toes for more shoulder action
  • Alternate lifting + holding opposite legs/arms in the air
  • Rotate to the side and do a side plank with one arm extended overhead
  • Add some weight!

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Check back tomorrow for more ideas on how you can stay healthy during the holiday season with DAY 10!