Weekly Workouts: August 6 – 12th.

Well, this week’s exercise was a little less than stellar. At least that’s what my ego tells me. But right now I am also trying to focus on cycle-syncing so that I can balance my hormones… With that means adjusting your routines, diet + work focus to the rhythm of your hormone cycle, so that you can feel your best, and heal them naturally. Be looking for a post soon on how to work WITH your hormones and not against them!

Right now I am supposed to be slowing down and doing more walking/yoga type of exercises. But it’s been hard for me to slow down when I want to use my new barbell all of the time. HA!

In other news, if you enjoy genuine conversation around community, health + real life, I highly encourage you to check out my girls Joy + Claire of Girls Gone WOD Podcast! I’ve been a longtime listener of theirs, from the early days of my CrossFit obsession, through my macro-tracking phase, to establishing a new perspective of what a healthy + balanced lifestyle looks like for me. They have conversations that matter, but also know how to quote some Mean Girls quotes like you wouldn’t believe. Let’s just say they are basically my best friends whether they know it or not. 😉

at home workouts

On to last week’s workouts! Hoping to find consistency this coming week, but hey, a little is better than nothing!


Rest Day


mile run with dogs

10 rounds:

  • 9 thrusters (35lb)
  • 35 DUs


ran 1 mile




5 rounds:

  • 400m run
  • 15 single arm DB snatch (10lbs)


walked dogs + yoga


wedding dancin’ all night long!