Thoughts on “What The Health” + Weekly Workouts.

Earlier today I hopped on Facebook LIVE in the N&N Tribe group to chat about my thoughts around the controversial documentary “What the Health.” You can join the group and see the whole conversation, but I wanted to share a few highlights here!

NOTE: I am not here to argue an agenda with anyone, so if you want to throw shade, you can do that elsewhere. #byefelicia


“What the Health” promotes that you can change your genetic code + avert disease through diet and lifestyle changes. YES, and AMEN. One thing I can fully agree with. Just because you are predisposed to certain ailments or have a family history of a specific disease, this DOES NOT mean you are destined to develop it, too. However, in my opinion, a vegan lifestyle is not the most optimal way to fuel your body.

Check out the book Nutritional & Physical Degeneration by Dr. Weston A Price. His life’s work determined that the most optimal diet for humans, based on primitive people group studies, includes some form of animal products. There are certain amino acids that you can only get from animals, and THEY ARE NECESSARY for optimal health. Plain and simple.


I DO think we live in a culture that highly over-consumes meat products. #wheresthebeef However, let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water. “What the Health” starts with criticizing processed meats, but then it immediately turns south, accusing all meat to be the culprit to poor health by comparing meat to the equivalent of carcinogens in cigarettes. Let’s just use common sense here. Processed anything is a bad idea if you want optimal health. Even our coveted clean protein powders are processed, you guys.


The science. WHAT SCIENCE, MADISON? My point exactly. Their science of what causes diabetes was entirely wrong. Do the research, and understand how the body works. Diabetes is a Blood Sugar Regulation issue, which in layman’s terms means the mismanagement of sugars + carbohydrates in the body. The body gets inundated with simple sugars + processed carbs for too long, causing repetitive extremes of highs + lows that eventually lead to insulin resistance and diabetes.

YES, the overconsumption of ANYTHING can cause fat mass gain, but the fact that dietary fat stores as body fat is an old argument they are trying to revive. #moveon


  • Of course, you will feel better eating more plants and lots of them. So do it! We are made from the Earth, so our bodies thrive + depend on the natural minerals and vitamins from the nutrients found in plants via the soil. EAT MORE PLANTS, PERIOD.


  • When it comes to meat, focus on SUSTAINABILITY + QUALITY. If this is an issue of ethics, I encourage you to connect back to where your meat comes from. Know your farmer and develop relationships with the people who focus on honest animal husbandry. Every dollar spent in the food industry is a vote. Make yours count.


  • Gratitude is the attitude. Blessing your meal isn’t just a thing you do before you eat. Taking the time to recognize, honor + thank the nutrition the animal gives you is a lost art in the human culture that we need to remember.


  • Look at YOUR personal genetic history — your ancestors, your geographical background… What did your ancestors eat? What did they have access to for food sources? Check out the docu-series by Michael Pollan called COOKED and learn more about the traditional practices humans used to make food.


  • TRUST YOURSELF and stop thinking about it so damn much. If we keep following diets and hard “food rules” we are going to continue to drive ourselves either CRAZY or SICK from the extremes. Listen to what your body needs. It’s ok to be a 90% plant-based eater, knowing you feel your best when you have some form of animal products. Try broths, collagen, and fish, if you don’t know where to start.


I am not here to tell you what is “right” and what is “wrong”. My top priority is to help you decipher all the information out there so that YOU can be active in seeking truth for yourself and become an advocate for your own health.

One simple yet good rule of thumb to end on:

If it grew from the ground, walked the earth, flew in the sky, or swam in the sea,  THAT is pure nutrition at its most basic level.

Now, let’s see a pic of me mean-muggin’ and talk about last week’s workouts.

NOTE: I am cycle-syncing with my hormones. What that means is I am trying to focus on the phases of my menstrual cycle, and how I should best support my hormones with various exercises, food + lifestyle practices. This week has been all about rest as I entered my menstrual phase. #sorrydudes

More on hormones + cycle-syncing in a post later this week!





AM: walk dogs + yoga

PM: warmup (30 of each):

30 jumping jacks

high knees

butt kicks

toe touches

hip rotations

sumo squat side crunch



front squat 65lb

kb swing 24lb

plank jacks



walk dogs + yoga + plank



walk dogs






walk dogs



hurricane harvey! cabin feverrrr

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on “What The Health” + Weekly Workouts.

  1. Kelsey

    YAS girl! From a few close friends who’ve decided to watch WTH, I continually feel I get the gist of the documentary and already know what my reactions would be. I tried to talk with a few people who felt they needed to go vegan because of it, and ultimately decided they are going to choose that path if they deem it necessary. All I want is for people to just get informed. Food is fuel, and it is a part of all of our every day lives. I know it doesn’t serve me or others to judge what they eat, so I don’t. And it has never been more freeing.

    • Madison Post author

      YES. so much of what I have learned is that everybody and EVERY BODY is different. i don’t want to convince someone just for the sake of an argument, even if it doesn’t align with what i promote. BUT sometimes people have to discover it for themselves! I just feel so free being able to listen to my body and pay attention to what it needs! THAT is a huge gift!!

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