2017 Wellness Gift Guide.

Happy December! I can’t believe 2017 is coming to a close, but here we are. We’ve been in Austin for 6 months now! My how time flies. 

Before I get on to the post, be on the lookout for the #12DaysofHolisticHolidays again this year! We are starting on Monday, and you can download the action calendar and follow along on Instagram. We’d love to see your posts! If you are a “wanna-receive-it-in-an-email” kinda gal, you can sign up here to get each day delivered to your inbox.


Last thing (promise), rather than hosting a typical N&N Nutrition + Lifestyle Challenge in the new year, we are going to be talking alllllll about setting your intention and mantra for the upcoming year. It will be a short 7-day challenge, and we’d love for you to join us! Be on the lookout for details on it soon.

Ok, I think that’s it for now, here’s what you’ve been waiting for! These are all of my favorites as of late. You can purchase them for the wellness junkie in your life, or maybe splurge on some of them for yourself! I think you are gonna love ’em!


HYNY BOTTLE – Insulated diffuser water bottle, where you can take your fave spa water on the go! Comes in so many fun colors like copper, rose gold and white.

THE MOON DECK – An intuitive card deck to set intention or seek guidance. These are so fun, and sometimes really spot on!


TOTEM – Smudge kit with cleansing herb blends and a meaningful mala necklace to remind you of your mantra.

BEATS EARBUDS – Rose-colored earbuds that stay put and have great sound quality when you gotta jam out during workouts. I have small ears, and the wings they provide help keep these buds stay in place!

SARAH BRIGGS JEWELRY – Dainty beaded stacking rings that you can wear anytime, anywhere; like your fave yoga class. Comes in so many fun colors! I like the seafoam, denim and chrysoprase.


EDEN’S LILLY FARM + DAIRY – Luscious, organic, grass-fed goats milk soap that smells divine and leaves your skin feeling great, too. Could be a cute neighbor gift!

EL COSMICO PARFUM – Unisex fragrance that smells like a palo santo campfire. I’m not a floral/sweet kinda gal when it comes to scents. This one is a perfect blend of earthy sweet musk that doesn’t smell like a dude. It’s seriously my favorite.


SKINFOODIE – My fave light moisturizer, a cbd oil balm for soreness or achey joints, magnesium spray to help with sleep, and a face smoothie mask for those #selfcaresundays.

MOON JUICE – Herbal Adaptogen Dusts for elixirs, drinks and smoothies! Great stocking stuffer, and you can purchase the variety pack to try them all!


NATURE BOUND – Beautiful hand-made reclaimed Texas wood Tranquility ornament you can display year round to bring you peace + solitude!

TASK CUBE TIMER – Stay on task and knock out work more effectively with this cute cube desk timer, because let’s be real, being a #girlboss and working from home gets distracting at times!

ACTION SLEEVE – Get a more accurate heart rate with your Apple Watch for your workouts. (Great for CrossFitters!)

al rose-colored tennies when you wanna just chill, but still look cute.


*Some of these links are affiliate links.