Assess Your Fitness Mindset + Weekly Workouts.

Happy Sunday! I hope you had a great weekend, and are taking the time to fully enjoy your Sunday, by not turning it into a “pre-Monday.” Anyone else catch themselves doing that? Prepping for the week, checking emails, thinking about work stuff? #ugh

Sure, there might be some things you need to do, like meal prep for the week or put laundry away, but I encourage you to protect your Sundays and refuse to let work creep in so you can be fully present with those you love.

If you can help it, I challenge you to turn off your phone or leave it at home on Sundays! It’s good to be reminded that we can survive without that little 2×4 instrument of metal, wire + glass that controls us. Disconnect to reconnect to the present moment. Want to take it a step further? Turn off ALL the electronics! 😉

Alright, on to weekly workouts.  But before we get to the goods, I just have to share how excited I am to finally have a barbell!!! (We each got one from Battle Bold, a company based in Midland!) We are slowly building our own home gym, and I cannot tell you how much I missed barbell movements until I didn’t have access to one! The only bummer thing is to see how quickly my strength has gone. I mean, it is GONE. Let’s be real, I wouldn’t lift anything really impressive, but you can totally tell a difference when you lay off the heavier weights for an extended amount of time.

This is probably the hardest thing about “going back” to CrossFit type workouts. When you first start out, everything is difficult yet exciting, but when you take a long break and then decide to hop back on the bandwagon, you really have to check your ego and be mindful about just moving your body properly rather than trying to hit your old PR’s right out of the gate.

My intentions moving forward is proper, precise movement in weightlifting/body mechanics, while also focusing on my yoga practice. I don’t care to be wicked fast or wicked strong anymore. That’s what got me sucked into a huge competitive comparison trap (along with tracking macros) that caused me to need to step back all together last year. #checkyouregomadison

I want to lift what/when it feels right, push myself when I feel like it, and back off when I don’t. Common sense right? Well, sometimes it’s so hard to reframe your mindset when you’ve been told to “JUST GO” for so long. Choosing to move my body from a place of love has been a huge change in my mindset around fitness these days. I don’t loathe the workout anymore. I WANT to move my body and break a sweat because I want to be healthy and feel good. If you are struggling with your fitness routines, I encourage you to take a step back and assess what it is that motivates you to do it. Is it for Joy? Competition? Forced expectation? A transactional relationship with food?

These are hard questions to ask yourself, but if you aren’t moving your body from a place of love, what’s the point of just suffering through it because you think you should? Workouts don’t have to look tough or extreme. Exercise should be types of movements that challenge you, but something you enjoy. Not much of a gym rat? That’s ok!! I’d much rather you walk 30 min everyday with your dog than stress about hitting the gym because you think you should. #althoughitdoesnothurt

I’m curious, what does your relationship with fitness look like?

at home workout ideas



1/2 mile run

75 air squats

75 situps

75 push-ups



AM: walk dogs + yoga stretches

PM: TIU sunshine sculpt AND tight + toned core



AM: walk dogs + yoga stretches

PM: TIU 30 rep challenge (Beach Babe 5 video)



AM: walk dogs + yoga stretches

PM: TIU yoga flow



100 Double Unders (DU’s)


  • 15 superman pushups
  • 15 superman around the world
  • 15 good mornings with tricep curl
  • 15 each side cross crunch
  • 15 each side hip dip cross crunch



5 ROUNDS (30 secs for each movement, 10 sec rest between movements):

  • Kettlebell Split Stance Single Arm Row – 15 sec (each side)
  • Kettlebell Reverse Lunge – 30 sec
  • Kettlebell Squat – 30 sec
  • Kettlebell Push Press –30 sec
  • Kettlebell American Swings – 30 sec
  • Kettlebell Crunch – 15 sec each side

(modified workout from onnit)

10 min yoga stretch




  • 100 jumping jacks
  • 20 squat jumps
  • windmill stretches
  • quad pulls
  • arm circles
  • tricep stretch

Crossfit workout “Grace”: 30 Clean + Jerks for time

Finished: 5:37 @ 65lbs

yoga stretches + 1/2 mile cool down run

2 thoughts on “Assess Your Fitness Mindset + Weekly Workouts.

  1. Jetahn

    I love seeing another home gym in the works and that you are keeping yoga as a part of your daily routine!! I’m currently not getting your emails, would you double check on your end. Come see me soon!

    • Madison Post author

      I haven’t sent an email out in a few months!! Hoping to get that going again soon. We are loving our home gym!! And yoga has been such a great way to start my days.

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