N&N Turns ONE: Introducing the 12 Days of Holistic Holidays!

12 days of holistic holidays

Lots of exciting things have been happening over here at N&N, but the most exciting of all is that today is our FIRST birthday!

Nourish & Namasté is ONE YEAR OLD you guys!



Sure, I’ve had this little blog platform a little longer than that (try 2 years as bewellbymadison.com), but we believe that a year ago TODAY is when things really started for us over here. And we couldn’t be more grateful, excited + passionate about it all!

THANK YOU! Without you guys, there would be no “us.”

I know…it’s cheesy. But sometimes we like cheesy.

Thank you so much for your love, interest + support! I am so grateful I get to share my heart with you all in this way. Technology is so cool. (and sometimes overwhelming, too)

I can’t wait to see what YEAR 2 holds!

Speaking of year two at N&N…Why not kick it off with a bang!?

In honor of this extremely momentous occasion, we would like to introduce you to…


Yep! Over the next 12 Days on the blog, I will be sharing 12 holistic health tips + tricks to help you stay on track towards your goals this holiday season! And if you try implementing them over the next 12 days, be sure to share your experience on social media with the #12DaysofHolisticHolidays so we can see what you are up to!

But, wait! There’s more! This isn’t just an exciting post-series about how you can stay healthy during the holidays…

It isn’t? Say whaaaa?

Because at the end of the 12 days, we will be (finally) launching our very own Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan!!


OMFG I can’t believe this thing is finally complete, y’all. It took me WAY longer than I anticipated (sorry to all of you I kept hanging…), but like a fine wine, I felt as though it just wasn’t ready before its time.

But it’s finally here! Hip hip, hooray! Where is the iOS 10 text message balloons + confetti when you need it?

Anyway, let’s kick off day one of the #12DaysofHolisticHolidays right meow!


Start each day with a sustainable, filling breakfast.

Though it may be tempting, those adorable sugar cookies you decorated with your kiddos the night before are not the best breakfast option during this season of sweets.

Sure, those cookies aren’t going to eat themselves (#cookiecannibalism?), so let’s compromise. You can still enjoy your favorite holiday cookie later that day, only if you eat a REAL breakfast. Deal? Deal.

Need Some Filling Breakfast Ideas? Try these!

  • Eggs, bacon + sauteed greens (On-the-go? wrap it up in a gluten-free tortilla!)
  • Crust-less Quiche filled with leftover roasted veggies, topped with goat cheese
  • Mint Chocolate Protein Smoothie loaded with greens
  • Coconut Chia Pudding with #allthetoppings
  • Gluten-free Oats or Granola topped with your favorite probiotic yogurt, nut butter + berries
  • A hearty soup or leftovers! Weird? Get over it. It’s food! Your body doesn’t know what time of day it is, unless it’s bedtime. Ha. But in regards to meals, it just knows that FOOD is FUEL.


Check back tomorrow for more ideas on how you can stay healthy during the holiday season with DAY 2!

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