New Series: Weekly Workouts!

Hey y’all — it’s been a GRIP since I last posted over here. Oof. Sorry about that. Moving had me in all sorts of a tizzy and I was just trying to survive through it all. #doesnothandlestresswell

But the good news is, things are finally starting to settle down, and I’m feeling more at home in our new space. All the boxes are unpacked, and now we are finding a place for everything. If you’ve been staying up to date with everything via IG, you may have noticed my posts about going a more “minimalist” with our lives. It’s always been a dream of mine to do a major stuff overhaul, though not extreme, we are making our way towards a much more simplified life. Rather than call ourselves minimalists, I plan to use the term essentialists. If you’ve read the book Essentialism, you’ll know what I am going for here!

Our new motto for home, life, and work will be this: if it doesn’t bring us joy, serve a purpose, or have a place, it’s GONE! Feels so freeing just typing those words out. And of course, as soon as our space is all setup and decorated, expect a little home tour post series coming your way!


Alright, now on to some other exciting news, I am finally finding my rhythm again when it comes to establishing a fitness routine! Since we are no longer members of a gym, we are choosing to save that money by getting creative and doing a mixture of outdoor activities and at-home workouts, until we can purchase equipment for a little garage gym of our own! #imissbarbells

Anyway, last week I started the #21DaySuperHeroChallenge hosted by Emily Schromm. She is a fellow NTP and has such great energy + a platform to reach so many in the primal community with holistic health practices.  I’ve needed a “reset” for a couple months now, but hadn’t gotten the chance to commit to anything with our lives being so out of whack during this whole move thing. Apparently, I was NOT prepared for how much moving would derail my entire life…ok, that’s an exaggeration, but you know what I mean.

So, with this challenge to kick start new routines in our new place, I decided it was the perfect time to start a new blog routine again, too! Weekly Workouts, and maybe what I ate in a day thrown in there once in awhile, too. We will feel it out. You know me and blogging commitments…

WEEK of JULY 10th


Superhero Challenge Test Workout

Max Wall Sit Hold – 2 mins

Max Plank Hold – 1:51 mins

Max Front Raise Hold – 1 min (5 lb dumbells)

and then

3 Rounds of:

1 min squats

1 min pushups

1 min sit-ups

1 min burpees



No workout



#21DaySuperHeroChallenge Workout

50 step-ups

50 speed skaters

50 good mornings (5 lb dumbell)

50 lemon squeezers

50 jump squats

time: 10:30

1/2 mile cool down run + yoga stretches



Starting new morning routine!

AM: walk dogs 1 mile + yoga stretching

PM: 1/2 mile warmup

Tabata DU’s (Double unders) for 15 min (30 sets)

ToneItUp Booty Workout

Yoga stretching



AM: walk dogs 1 mile + yoga stretching

PM: No Workout



#21DaySuperHeroChallenge Workout


single shoulder press

bent over rows




I completed half of it (through round 6)… had to quit due to SEVERE onset menstrual cramping/nausea/ughhhhhh. #TMIsorrynotsorry

Learn how to work WITH your hormones, and not against them…post coming soon!



1-3 mile hike/walk with dogs! (can you tell I haven’t decided yet?) 😉



Let me know if you like the idea of this series, and if you are looking for certain types of workouts, or want me to try some of your favorites! I’d love your input in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “New Series: Weekly Workouts!

  1. Kelsey Yoki

    Love this little update and think I’ll be super interested in this series! With being in grad school and no longer at CF, I am hoping on top of yoga and walks to get 1-2 HIIT style workouts in and this will definitely be a good resource for me. I feel so filled with light and happiness for you (and Zach!) as you start to settle into a routine. I have yet to read Essentialism (it’s on my book shelf), so this might be the inspiration to start & finish it before all my readings for fall semester begin! Sending love xo

    • Madison Post author

      Yay! I am glad you are finding what feels right for you, without putting pressure or expectation on yourself to make it look a certain way. Fitness should be fun! 🙂 And yes, we are so excited, there are just so many pinch-me moments because I still can’t believe we live here!! And should I be surprised you have Essentialism on your shelf?! haha

  2. Dorothy Camak

    ” Rather than call ourselves minimalists, I plan to use the term essentialists. If you’ve read the book Essentialism, you’ll know what I am going for here!” Ohhhhh I love this!! Such a great way to use the mindset of Essentialism when it comes to our home and STUFF! thanks for sharing!

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