Lean Into Your Season.

Just like the weather, our lives ebb + flow through various seasons.

Some seasons are filled with abundance + follow a smooth rhythm, like the ease that comes with fall, while others feel scarce + jarring to the senses like a West Texas spring windstorm. #hellosinusallergies

Over the last three months, I have been in a season of ungrounded uneasiness, because I am on the cusp of change, adapting to a new normal that is taking longer than my egoic mind would like.

What’s this great anticipated change that’s got me all thrown off my groove? I guess it’s time to officially let the cat out of the bag. We are moving!

We are in the middle of a (what feels like forever) transition to Austin, Texas! I could not be more thrilled to have been given the opportunity to live in one of my absolute favorite cities, a place that I never dreamed would be possible. And yet, here we are. It’s a wish we spoke into the universe almost exactly a year ago and now it’s actually happening. Talk about manifestation! That’s a story to share for another time because it’s still being written!

But, what comes with this season of exciting change, is that we find our old routines no longer fit. Trying to adjust and force old patterns into new normals is an awkward un-becoming of sorts if you know what I mean.

It’s uncomfortable, scary, and painful at times. It’s the shedding of an old skin to allow the new to emerge. The changing of seasons.

Maybe your season looks similar to mine. You may not be uprooting your life to move across the state, but perhaps you are in a new phase of life that feels a lot like growing pains. You want so desperately to either go back to your old normal and just “let it all be” or you want it to all just “hurry the eff up” and be done with it already so you can get back to the comfortable life of familiarity.

Maybe your current season is a place of rest, embracing the art of slow living, fully immersed in your immediate surroundings, just witnessing + enjoying all that has been given to you. I like to picture new moms in this space, even though I am sure there are lots of hard adjustments that occur when bringing life into the world, I like to imagine families becoming so immersed in the miracle and arrival of a newborn.

Maybe your season comes with an effortless flow, enjoying that healthy work-life balance you’ve established–living, moving + breathing from a space of abundant energy, routine + assurance. #seriouslybeggingforthisrightnow 

The thing is, regardless of the seasons that life presents us, rather than desperately wishing them away, we need to learn to lean into them.

“Lean into” them? Madison, WTF does that even mean?

I know, you’ve probably seen me say this phrase plenty of times, without actually breaking it down for you.

When I say “lean into” something here is what I mean by it:

  • feel it fully (and ALL the emotions that come with it)

  • don’t resist the change or circumstance

  • don’t play the “if…then…” game

  • take it one day at a time

  • be present + breathe

Sure, easier said than done. But if we are constantly wishing away certain seasons of our lives, especially the uncomfortable ones, we miss out on so much of the human experience.

Yeah, the all-around peachy life sounds nice, but how does that challenge, grow + shape us into interesting, compassionate + relatable human beings? It’s our nature to connect to stories that are in the thick of the uncomfortable. #embracethesuck

The greatest stories come from a life that has been tested.

No one connects with the picture perfect life. It might be pretty to look at, but perceived perfection does worse for my mind, in thinking I “need” to be/do/act/look a certain way. #nobueno 

REAL LIFE CONFESSION: In the last month…my eating has been decent, but not ideal. I haven’t worked out consistently (like, at all). I haven’t drank near as much water as I’d like to, and I’ve had way more alcohol than I’d like to admit. I’ve let my work slide under the radar + my social media presence slip by the wayside.

And you know what? I’m slowly allowing myself to be ok with it.

Why? Because I’m being PRESENT. Though a sincere struggle (I’m trying damn hard), daily I’m choosing now more than ever to be present in the moment + phase of life we are experiencing during this uneasy transition. Letting go of the anticipated rhythm of routine, and embracing the weekly unknown.

This is NOT an excuse to tell you it’s ok to “let yourself go” by any means. This is simply me telling you that I recognize the season of life I am in, and rather than getting worked up + stressed over it (because hello, anxiety has been all sorts of REAL lately), I’ve been trying my best to take it one meal, movement + moment at a time, trusting my gut and knowing this won’t last forever.

It’s scary because sometimes we don’t see that light at the end of the tunnel, or know where we are going to end up, or what it’s going to look like on the other end of ___________. (you fill in the blank of your season here)

But we have to remind ourselves that just as quickly as this season arrived, it too shall pass.

I suppose I’m writing this mostly as a note to myself, but also because I don’t want you to resist, run from, or wish away the uncomfortable seasons in your life. Instead, perhaps, consider asking the question: “What is this particular season trying to teach me?” (Patience is my biggest teacher right now!)

Look for those little diamonds amongst the ash, where the real truth of the experience resides.

Lean in.


Are you in an uncomfortable season right now? How are you learning to “lean into” it?