My food philosophy is simple.



Sure, it might look like paleo, primal or whatever trendy diet name is out there at the moment, but nothing beats real nutrition from nature.

I believe less is more. If it came from the earth as nature intended, it is perfectly nutritious by itself.

I believe every person is different. I avoid most grains for digestive purposes, and I think most people should when they start out on their healing journey. I enjoy full fat dairy on occasion, but not on a daily basis. Most people need serious gut healing, and don’t even know it, and removing intake of these foods helps speed the process tremendously. Just because you cut it out for awhile doesn’t mean it has to be forever, but you might find you feel better “off” of it anyway.

I believe dietary fat is good. Fats are vital in our hormone production and function, help us absorb certain vitamins properly, and so much more. Dietary fat DOES NOT equal body fat.

I believe sugar is the main problem. It’s in everything, y’all. Sugar messes with you on a chemical + neurological level. It breeds disease + dysfunction. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have a slice of cake on your birthday. Just not a slice

I believe our lives are meant to be shared with one another in community over good food. Food is a comforting, flavorful experience we all enjoy. But it doesn’t have to be processed or focused on epic “cheat meals” when you celebrate with loved ones.

I believe in breaking the stigma of good and bad foods. There is such a mental/emotional connection to the can’t have or shouldn’t have mentality when it comes to “dieting”. I hope to inspire individuals to love themselves by the way they fuel their bodies. Some foods are more nutritious and life-giving, and others are not. I encourage everyone to stick to the more nutritious foods the majority of the time, while allowing for the little moments of life that happen.

I believe consistency is key, and perfection is a myth. Consistency, day in and out is what helps change your taste buds, your body composition + your mental game around food. Real food doesn’t have to be boring, but it doesn’t have to be full of rules either. If you slip up, get back on track + move on.

I believe that small steps = BIG CHANGES. Making small, manageable changes to your diet will lead to a more sustainable outcome that will lead to an everyday lifestyle. We live in a world of instant gratification, and unfortunately, true healing doesn’t happen overnight. It takes patience, determination and grace with yourself to know it is going to take some time. Rather than getting overwhelmed by the journey ahead…take it one day, one meal, one choice, one thought at a time.

I believe in the power of education. I hope to inspire, uplift + educate my community in nutrition and health, so that each of you can go out and be a light to lead others towards this same path of healing with good-for-you foods + lifestyle choices.