College 101 // Must Do Bucket List Before College.

Happy graduation to all of my seniors! I can not believe May has practically come and gone! Many of you have already walked the stage and are looking to the road ahead, while some of you are patiently waiting dying to throw your cap in the air and kiss your town goodbye in your rear-view mirrors.

But before you head out and write off your old world, eagerly anticipating the next, I would like to encourage you to do the following things over the summer.

Consider them a bucket list of sorts, because, well…to be honest, you might not get the chance to do them again after this monumental summer of change.

must do bucket list before college



Often times we can get so caught up in the excitement and thrills of graduation that we forget to acknowledge the people who helped get us there throughout the years. Let them know how much you appreciate the time and dedication they put forth in helping you master pre-cal formulas or ace that Spanish test. Send them a hand written letter, whether in the mail or in person. This seemingly small gesture would mean the world to them.


Have you been holding a grudge over the years or wronged someone and never apologized? Make amends. Figure out why, and talk it out. Say you are sorry. Don’t leave any situation un-addressed. Because unfortunately in some cases, this might be the last chance you will ever get. Don’t let time slip by.


I know this might sound silly, but I think it’s important to evaluate your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend. College is a time to find your identity, by exploring a new world and new relationships all while determining who you are and what you want to be about. Yes, it sucks to think about, but give yourself the chance to grow on your own for a little while. If you are meant to be together, it will work out. Trust me on this one 😉



You might be wrapped up in wanting to hang out with all of your high school buddies before you go off to college in the fall, but don’t neglect your family. They will always be there to support and encourage you, where as the seemingly close friendships of high school tend to grow distant once college begins. If you have younger siblings, spend extra time with them. They grow up and change too fast while you are away, so make those lasting memories and be a positive influence before you ship out.


I’m big on reflection and inner dialogue through journaling. I used to be very dedicated to writing every day, and I cherished that time for myself so much. This is me convincing myself I need to get back into it. Write down your favorite memories + past times with good friends, list your goals + fears for the future…write whatever comes to mind as you sit here at this crossroads of fondly looking back + anxiously looking forward. Something about putting those thoughts to paper does the soul good.


(emulating the words of Miss Elle Woods)