2017 N&N Challenge Winners + Jewelry Collaboration!

First off, can I just say my challengers SLAYED the N&N Challenge this year?

Each one adopted new habits that forever changed their lives, and the comments + stories I’ve received throughout the entire 6 weeks has been nothing short of amazing. I am so proud of you guys.

Seriously, you are the reason why I do this. Why I feel led to educate + inspire. It’s when you get those a-ha nutrition moments or experience radical self-love for the first time, all by the simple daily practices that we take on together: getting back in tune with your bodies, so that you don’t feel deprived or limited or restricted or extreme, but so that you experience joy, peace, nourishment, ease, support + love through mindful choices + self-care.

Here are just a few of the awesome things some of my challengers had to say during the last 6 Weeks:

I am SOLD on Apple Cider Vinegar now. I have seen so many amazing improvements – less bloat, flatter stomach, weight loss, better digestion, way more energy, less stress/anxiety, and so much more! I wish I had been doing this for years, but I’m so thankful that this challenge inspired me to start.” -Nicki

“I lost 10 inches and 10 pounds, and found a love for yoga and a way to eat better that works for me and doesn’t make me feel deprived and then go on a binge. I feel strong and more centered thanks to the yoga.” – Candice

“You truly created something so amazing and life-changing. Even with my minor slip ups, I know I am in a better place with my eating.” – Kelsey

I feel like I’ve been so reflective this challenge. Like more than any one before and I love it! I hope I can keep that habit going because I’m so much happier and less stressed because of it.” – Kara

And so many more amazing tid-bits I could share, but I am just so excited to get to the goodies, so let’s do it!

In order to be considered to win, you guys were encouraged to submit your “Transformation Story”.  I wish I could choose everyone because each of your stories were beyond powerful + inspiring to me. It was so hard to narrow it down to JUST THREE. Seriously, I probably cried with every email I read. #imaweeper 

Please know as cheesy as it sounds, you are ALL winners because YOU took charge of your health with the knowledge + tools I gave you, and you made lasting changes that will set you up for a lifetime of vitality. I am SO PROUD of each of you!

Whether by physical changes or mental shifts, I believe our winners truly embraced the N&N lifestyle, and I am so honored to play a small part in their health journey thus far.

So, here goes!


Brittni Welty!

Revolution….. if I had one word to describe my N&N transformation I would choose the word Revolution. Over the last 6 weeks I have worked to take back control over my life and my body. My biggest enemy has been my mind and with the support of the N&N Tribe I have learned how to interrupt moments of doubt and self loathing and replace them with gratitude and self love.

Over the last 6 weeks I have done more research on why certain foods are good or bad for our bodies than I have in my entire life. I want to fill my body with nutritious fuel instead of garbage that over time will ruin it. My mentality has switched from “I want to look good” to “I want to feel good”. I mean of course I still want to look good but I’ve switched my main focus to my health vs. vanity. In the time we have spent together I have learned to love myself more including taking more “me time”, let go more, eat like I love my body and that I LOVE yoga!”


Catie Hernandez!

I’m not sure where to even begin as it is hard to imagine that so much could change in six weeks. I very much started this solely to lose weight and over the course of the six weeks my goals grew and changed right along with me. I still wanted to shed the extra fat for sure, but I also realized how much of what drove me in the past was fear.

Fear of being unworthy/unlovable. Fear that I would become diabetic. Fear that I would get in a rut I couldn’t get out of. Worst of all was the fear that I was teaching my daughter bad habits. Those fears are debilitating. They cause a ton of anxiety and while they might give you a boost in the beginning, they will ultimately weigh you down, drag you under, and leave you anxious and depressed. So slowly I worked as much on shedding fear as I did on shedding fat…(20lbs lost!) Here is some of what I learned doing this challenge. Some of these are quotes that I drilled, mantra meditation style into my mind. 

I learned that I have more stamina than I thought. 
I learned how to sweat without hating it. Body flow is the bomb… just sayin’. 
I learned how to work hard without obsessively looking at the scale.
I learned how deep a NEED it is for me to have time outside.
I learned to love cooking again after years of loathing it! 
I learned to be brave both inside and out of better physical health.
I learned to try new things especially in food.
I learned that guilt and stress are traps and letting go and LOVING yourself are freeing.
I learned how important community is.
I found connection with a lot of other people.
I learned that this challenge is way farther reaching than six weeks.”



You BOTH win:

TOTEM Smudge Kit

The Feel Well Project Book by Lily Milkovic, NTP + Jenny Swain, NTP

Rachel Allene’s “You Can Totally Do This!” Mug

Get Real Book by Mary Pratt, NTP + Amy Yates BS, NTP

Bottle of Kasandrinos Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 N&N Tribe My Mantra Ampersand Tank

JEM Raw Organics Sprouted Nut Butter Sample Pack

pureWOD Chocolate Build Protein

SkinFoodie Bundle with Green Mask, Pit Spray + Lip Butter

Prana Yoga Mat (not pictured)


And now for our GRAND PRIZE WINNER + her story!

Candice Rech!

My story is a hard one to write, inspired by your willingness to put it all out there by sharing your story I will fully share mine. I have struggled with weight my entire life, I was the chubby kid throughout my younger years but I didn’t start noticing it until I was in junior high when I saw my yearbook picture compared to the other popular girls and realized I looked awful and fat. 

Food has a kind of control on me that I still feel like I can’t quite figure out.  As I continue therapy and trying to become my best self physically and mentally, I am hoping this reliance on food will start to really slip away and I will be able to turn to real food for strength like you do.

This challenge for me did not start off beautifully, well it did the first few days, I was on fire, but it quickly turned back to what I was doing before.  I was ashamed that I was doing poorly so quickly into the challenge but I was able to turn it back around, after watching a TV show where I cried listening to the stories that I completely related to.  I thought to myself, I want revenge on all the people that have asked me how far along I am and I have to shamefully admit I’m not pregnant, I’m just fat.  And I want revenge on myself for doubting myself and continuing to rely on horrible and disgusting food to feel happiness.  I want to feel happy with who I am and who I can and will become and I am so happy I started practicing yoga regularly.  

I never thought yoga would be for me because it’s too slow or quiet and I always thought I needed a high intensity workout.  Yoga has become a sanctuary for me for an hour everyday and it has helped me feel so much stronger as I choose my food for the day. The stronger I feel the better my food choices are, I feel like I am wasting my strength by eating a cheeseburger, as delicious as it sounds and looks, but that big ole piece of broccoli will make me feel better later. I have found a way to enjoy healthier food options while still adding in things I love, like cheese, but I have figured out how to make the portion so tiny that it isn’t adding a lot of crap while still not making me feel deprived.  Things like this keep me going in the everyday.

I know that I will continue to struggle but as I keep working on myself, finding my peace and strength with yoga, focusing on eating real food and being able to forgive myself instead of punishing myself I know I can conquer this and become like you.  Madison you have become a real inspiration as to how to turn your life into something to be in awe of, I know you still have your struggles but I remember when you first started this journey and it is truly amazing to see what you have created and become and it is really so inspiring and a beautiful thing to see. I am so thankful for this challenge and how it got me to constantly try new things I would have never done and have turned out to be the best things for me.

I will continue things in this challenge as it comes to a close, and I will continue to strengthen my mind, body and soul through the practice of yoga and the enjoyment that comes with eating real and healthy food.  I love having the Facebook Accountability Group to hear the stories of others and things they have found that can help me as well in my journey,  I love seeing how a group of people come together with only the intentions of lifting eachother up and pushing us to be better when we feel we can’t do it on our own. It is a truly beautiful thing to be a part of and I cant wait to see where we all go from here.”


You will receive:

TOTEM Smudge Kit

The Feel Well Project Book by Lily Milkovic, NTP + Jenny Swain, NTP

Rachel Allene’s “You Can Totally Do This!” Mug

Get Real Book by Mary Pratt, NTP + Amy Yates BS, NTP

Bottle of Kasandrinos Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 N&N Tribe My Mantra Ampersand Tank

JEM Raw Organics Sprouted Nut Butter Sample Pack

pureWOD Chocolate Build Protein

SkinFoodie Bundle with Green Mask, Pit Spray + Lip Butter

Prana Yoga Mat (not pictured)


All American Paleo Cookbook by Caroline Potter, NTP

N&N Nutrition + Lifestyle Guide AND 1-1 Counseling with yours truly!


 Thank you to all of our amazingly generous sponsors! Without you, these prize packs wouldn’t have come to be! I am so grateful for your quality, knowledge, expertise + love for what you offer to this world, and I am beyond excited to share it with these lovely individuals as they continue their health journeys!


Congratulations to our winners! If you could email me your tank top size along with your mailing address, I will ship out your goodies to you as soon as possible!

BUT WAIT! There’s more you guys!!!

ALL OF THE N&NTRIBE WINS because I’ve got some extra great discounts to share with you!

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And one last thing…

sarah briggs n&n jewelry collaboration

We’ve been dreaming + scheming for almost 6 months to create a “My Mantra Ampersand” you can wear every day…And what better way to remember your personal mantra than with a delicate piece of jewelry! So, with that in mind, we’ve teamed up with SARAH BRIGGS to design some custom N&N Ampersand jewelry! Eep!! I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!

I met Sarah during a trunk show at a Le Marché Boutique a few years back, and you could pretty much say it was BFF at first sight? #maybethatstoomuch? #nah

She is an insanely talented visionary with a heart of gold. I think what I love about her the most is her story in chasing her dream (after landing her original ideal job), not knowing how it was going to turn out when leaving a stable income, but never looking back once.

Her designs are fresh + classic, and modern yet timeless. She is always creating something new, so even though you see signature lines as a staple on her site, the unique items can sometimes be a once in a lifetime piece that won’t get recreated again. She loves working with wire, leather + stone, bringing the earth back to our closets in a way that is chic + sophisticated.

And another reason why I adore her so much… well, even after her life in the Big Apple, she is a Texas girl at heart who lives on a ranch and has chickens + tractor.

So, this is literally THE FIRST GLIMPSE of what is to come in the future with this exciting partnership! And the best part? I want my N&N Tribe to have a voice in the design process as we make these pieces (and many more) come to life! So be on the lookout for posts requesting your input!

Oh, and one more thing…My three N&N Challenge winners will receive the first ever pieces! Woop woop!


Thank you so much for trusting me for these last 6 weeks! But I hope you remember that your health journey doesn’t end here. SO KEEP GOING. Listen to your gut, do what feels right for you, and remember that each meal, movement + moment is up to YOU.

The point is that there is no “finish line” in this journey of health. But it’s how we CHOOSE to deal with situations that life throws us, how we CHOOSE to nourish our bodies out of love, and how we CHOOSE to move our bodies in a way that brings us joy + life instead of feelings of defeat.

Don’t forget that your journey is not going to be a perfect straight line to the finish. And it’s not going to end when you finally reach that timeline, ideal benchmark or goal you’ve set for yourself. So, instead of telling yourself “I’ll be happy when…x happens…” try to embody that happiness now, feel the feelings you want NOW, and then choose to take action from that place of love.