12 Days of Holistic Holidays: Day 8.

Do you have all the warm fuzzies right now and feel like a million bucks after yesterday? Missed out on giving yourself some love? That’s ok! Schedule it out for another day soon. It’s a date!


Deck the Halls with warm lights(to improve your sleep!)

That title doesn’t sound near as exciting as I thought it did in my head. Oh well.

I know LED lights are what the cool kids have these days, but the blue light they put off affect our natural circadian rhythm! What’s the big deal? Throwing off your sleep cycle can result in poor muscle recovery, increased inflammation + chronic Cortisol output that leads to stubborn weight gain. Do I have your attention now?

So, before your string your house + Christmas Tree with lights, consider the warmer ones! Besides, who likes cool blue LED light anyway? #wecantbefriends #jk #butreallytho

Just as you don’t trim blue lights on your house, consider these other blue-light items that affect your sleep during normal days:

  • Cell phone
  • TV
  • Laptops/Computers
  • iPad + gaming systems
  • Reading tablets + lights

Pretty much all technology gives off some form of blue light that affects your natural sleep patterns. Try winding down 1-2 hours before bed for your best chance of uninterrupted sleep. And if you just can’t take it, turn on the “Night Mode” on your device to help ease the transition as best as you can.

Still can’t say no? At least rock these stylish babies. YES.

holistic holidays

Check back tomorrow for more ideas on how you can stay healthy during the holiday season with DAY 9!