12 Days of Holistic Holidays: Day 11.

So, I really wanna know…after listening to my holiday playlist, did you get “rockin’ around the Christmas tree?” That was bad. I know. But I won’t apologize for it. You’re welcome.

12hh_day11Presence not presents.

The best present you can give yourself, your family + your loved ones this season is by BEING present. I firmly believe that.

Ever look up and realize it’s six months later? Yeah, that’s some scary shit. And I can’t help but think it’s due to the fact that we are constantly worried about the future or dwelling on the past. So, choose NOW. Choose to be here now, in the very moment. Choose presence.

Don’t worry about last minute errands + cleaning the house. Play with your kids in the snow. Spend quality time with your significant other. Offer a neighbor a hand.

Get out of your head + the running to-do list, and participate in this moment. Because this moment is the one that matters.

Are you tapping into this holiday with all of your senses? Notice the sights, sounds + smells of this joyous season. Take it all in. you’ll be amazed by how much more you enjoy it!

holistic holidays

Check back tomorrow for more ideas on how you can stay healthy during the holiday season with DAY 2!